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Re: Dear Divine Siblings

YAY! I am happy to hear another family being built. I am in Hawaii right now and living off the land is pretty easy here winters. I too am trying to create a family on top of the amazing one I already have. Best wishes and aloha!

Re: Anastasia's Ray

I try to replicate the kind gaze of children when I use my ray and that has helped me. I can now walk up to geckos and pet them without them scampering away in fear like they do all the time with everyone else. I practice the same thing on my friendly Americana cockroaches and they quite visibly lov...

Re: What does Anastasia say about this Covid-19 thing?

The supposed "death-virus" is the concept that has been implanted in our consciousness to "analyze life" rather than create it. Our first ancestors wiped their perfect information so that we would, in time develop an immunity to this "death-virus" or "anti-mind" way of thinking. It is essentially th...

Re: The General Forum

Does anyone know if there exists a quote book for the series? I created my own but was just wondering in case it is needed I can type mine up. I know there. are a few meager (Megre haha) quotes in the little parables book but that is all I could find besides the auto-generated ones on his website.

Re: What does Anastasia say about mosquitoes?

It has been my experience that mosquitos are very medicinal and remove blood from inflamed spots on your body. Once you accept them fully and appreciate them your body no longer produces. a stress response to their no more painful bumps. Now for ticks...I don't have them here in Hawai'i s...

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