Re: What does Anastasia say about this Covid-19 thing?

Vladimir's message in May says this: And now we suddenly get this unusually strange coronavirus. Here is what Anastasia said about it:
- “What people call the coronavirus, Vladimir, is nothing but a living thinking substance. It is created and launched by the energy of thought and submits to it. It will hold a dialogue with humanity in the language of action.”

The whole letter was a good read:

Re: What does Anastasia say about this Covid-19 thing?

I enjoyed this May message and personally found nothing in Vladimir's words that I could identify as sad or blockheaded. He is sharing his learning curve which we are all going thru. He openly shared his negative thoughts of three years ago, then showed that he had been proven wrong to doubt the power of those dreams. Does it really matter if he believes there is something called a "coronavirus" or if he uses the terms the majority of the population accepts as real? He has growth happening at his own pace as we all do. We have seen abundant evidence of that as the books progress. I don't see that as sad any more than I would see my children as sad because they hadn't yet experienced all the same growth experiences or in the same sequence as I have. Not do I think of myself as sad because I haven't yet experienced all the internal growth of awareness that will occur for me during the remainder of my lifetime. He quoted Anastasia's words which were, "What people call the coronavirus is a ..." Those words seem to communicate a lot more than just a simple reference to "the coronavirus".
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Re: What does Anastasia say about this Covid-19 thing?

I also found this section about plagues in book 8.1, in the chapter "Divine Nutrition", page 59:

“What kind of facts, Vladimir?”

“Well, for instance, history has recorded epidemic outbreaks of plagues, smallpox and leprosy Some history textbooks say that whole settlements died out. Did that really happen?”

“Yes, it did.”

“But now, through he help of modern medicine, the plagues have been beaten, along with cholera and smallpox. For example, they inoculate everyone against smallpox and that’s the end of it. That means that the folk healers of the past were defeated by these diseases, while modern medicine has succeeded.”

“That is not true, Vladimir. Take a closer look at the time- frames and put simple facts together. These epidemic outbreaks you speak of began happening at a time when folk healers were subjected to persecution. Many of them were even put to death. During the occult ages they were seen as a threat to the authorities. Both then and now it was believed that pagans worshipped Nature and were unspiritual people. This is not true: pagans respected Nature as the creation of God. And they had knowledge of many of the Divine creations which people are ignorant of today.”

“That’s enough, Anastasia. I no longer have any doubts. It is plain that modern medical science is a long ways from the science of folk medicine. I’m convinced of that. But why did you go to such pains to persuade me?”

“It was not just for you. I wanted your readers, too, to be able to understand by comparing facts.”