I have been introduced to the Anastasia books although I am not one to sit down and read I have read throught the first three two times. I have just read book three. It is a wonderful book, many times more wonderful than the last time I read it. Until really master this book I will not be able to read book 4 from start to finish although I love hearing about the stories in all the books and reading them here and there.

I have lived in Vermont, and on the northeast coast, and athough I love it in the snow I am terribly confused. My closest friends want to move somewhere warmer. One is hoping to hike south and I may join him. I am a gardener, that has also been my profession so far. I have grown fruit trees and berries and love them. I am connected to the place in Vermont where I have explored deeper connection to plants. Something is drawing me away, and I am often traveling, helping people with their gardens. I realize that helping people with their gardens is ultimately impossible: the garden is in one’s mind, and help is a futile and detracting act. So I am in transition. My body rejects any work I do for the business of anyone else. Anastasia’s dream really motivates me. I would walk around telling people about their actions straight in their face! I do that anyway. Until I can create a speace of love on the land and support a man I don’t think I shall feel like I am on the right path.

One of the ways in which I align with others is through... the ways I have found it healthful to eat. I eat friuts and vegetables, mostly fruits and berries. I become depressed or sick by eating other foods, and there are few who also share this by defult. Many people actually think it is harmful.
Those who share similar conclusions are often wanting to move south, or not intentional up in the north where I’ve lived about eating just off the land. It does take work, and requires a lot of time and permanant structures and yearly cycles also. The weeks on end which I ate just fruits berries and herbs from the land were my most blissful and also most challenging in my life, clarifying my sense of satisfaction and my thoughts. The magic of the land and fruits and herbs and grasses on the crystal and the living insects and how its all connected to provide the most, is all amazing. I have been in no space as developed in this was as the one I was in in Vermont. I have gotten rid of my car to make it phsychologically easier to do things like this.

Yet, the land where I did this, I have dumped myself from this land many times. It is not a place where I have been given a go ahead to start crrating my domain. Instead, it’s one of those scenarios where because the one in charge of the acreage needs money for taxes, help with the farm, and finantially burdened otherwise, and because... there wasn’t the intention to just share the land, my desire to do this is somehwhat like I would be painting over the actual reality if I took the next step in my own development there. The message is, this space is amazing, well created, but it is not yours you have to create your own.

So I am going on without certaintly as what to do. I become sick every time I become identified with anyone else’s space and start catering my own ideas. I need to create my own space, yet in the USA at the very least there is not much success with the freedom to do this. In Vermont, and other areas around there, it is relatively easy or common to live off the grid. The main constraint is that morgages can not be involved in the purchase of the land for such a house, or the sale of such a house. Also, the taxes go up as you beautify the space. Forest Gardens, the work of dear Timothy, was once hundreds and now thousands of dollars in taxes just from improvements made.

Even though I am for people who are also ready to do it, I am not sure even that I am. I am still confounded by the idea of jumping ship, moving somewhere easier, and yet feeling like that is not “washing away your sins” before you move to your domain. There seem to be many people around Tampa, Florida. Some friends of mine one of which who reads Anastasia herself, is located in northern Florida, her husband who has big dreams and a fairly dreary work and food addiction wanted us to all go look for fruit farms in southern florida. He clearly had some fantasy going on although he eventually said “just for fun, “ we should have listenen yo him! Should have listened, if there are really so many lovely people in florida, which there sure seems.

I know there are many out there who want to just move to the land around like minded people. But for some reason, it is hard to get there. I can be kind of driven to get things done but Inrealize sometimes this doesn’t work, you need real connection and everyone doing it for themselves, no one organizing it for them. That said if someone organized a kins domain settlement in florida, I would probably be in, especially if my friends were into it to.

My main diliema in talking to my friends about such a thing are 1) attachment to their current location 2) confusion about everyone having 1 hectare. Somepeople are covinced they or everyone should only need 1 acre and should live communally. While some like the idea of having a farm and making more acres. 3) organizational structure or lack there of. Many people get phased out by thinking about how to make something happen. From the prospect of fundrasing, to the belief that a land trust or non-profit or co-op “entity” is necessary, it is hard to convince people any direction when is so much knowledge and so little on hand especially when those involved aren’t relaxed. It would be noce to have a mentor who knows about it who has experience with it and can be there for questions.

Re: Greetings!

Greetings Melissa grace,

Welcome. There are several things in your post that I could offer information about, but the really big important one is this.
Until really master this book I will not be able to read book 4 from start to finish...
You are doing yourself a greater disservice than you imagine by holding this thought and letting it prevent you from learning about the whole dream, and Anastasia's presentation on who we are and how we function (requiring all ten books, so far). Your plans for your future, if that includes a kins domain, is putting the cart before the horse. Please, for your own joy and powerful dreaming, read all ten books before you do any further planning for your future. Afterward you can read them over and over has I have done 8 times and still counting. I live on my kins domain (7 years now) and am creating a community on my 80 acres.
at Charisma, becoming
one of Earth's most beautiful spots.