Starseed-Writer From Long Island New York

Hi, I spent 15 years, about half my life fighting who I was and defining my reality amidst what I was told it was. I was Medicated for having Spiritual gifts and Meficated for Side-effects of those medications. I was 24 years old when western doctors stopped prescribing new ones: because I was already on 24 medications.

My family was forced to accept that western medicine was not helping me improve. I started seeing an alternative doctor in Nutrition Response Testing, was given dietary advice and whole food, organic supplements. Steadily, I was able to decrease medications and improve my health in many ways😀.

I AM still healing. In Novemberof 2020 I stopped taking my last two medications And became Vegetarian. It was very challenging when my family was against both decisions And we all got Covid in Dec of 2020. Still, I refused all "advice" to take medications or see a western doctor. I cured my own sinus infection through eating the right, healthy organic foods and meditation.

I lost weight and detoxed from the western world's poisons and I am still doing so. Well...NOT the losing weight part, lol (I'm at a good weight)...just the detoxing😅.

I started reading Ringing Cedars over a year ago. I read them slowly, so I could absorb them. I stopped when I reached Book 8 part 2. The part about "Teleganny" had me rethink many ideas about sexuality. However, I continued to buy and use Cedar Nut Oil and Cedar Nuts on my cooking: which helped me heal.

I am thankful to Mother Earth, to Anastasia and Vladimir, but also to many lives and Spirit guides, and helpers throughout the galaxy. I do not feel alone so long as I step OFF what I jokingly call "father asphalt," or "father concrete" and step closer to Mother Earth's creation.

I have been often unemployed and in poor health. With the help of natural health methods, I was able to graduate in 2018 but I couldn't allow myself to succeed in job interviews. I wear my faults on my person just as I do my "better" parts. When asked a question: I gave my answer, not always the desired one.

I developed a neck condition as I felt drained and lost: eventually I found Ringing Cedars, and other inspiring works. I found out there were people truly trying and succeeding at improving themselves and helping each other along with the earth. I wanted that: it's always been considered a pipe dream of my nihilistic past.

When I realized it was possible: that I was never alone, I stopped trying to save the world in video-games and started diving into solutions for my inner world, and thus steadily improving my relationships and outer world.

I don't know if I belong any one place forever. Or if I will belong to one person. I want to belong. But I don't want to shave off parts of myself to fit in: if those parts of me are important to who I am.

I recently signed a Contract for my first fantasy series: Wannabe Dragon. I will be paid based on my success in the contest running until the end of the year. However, regardless of sucess, I will still continue to be paid based on my work's popularity.

I am tired of limitations on sustainable choice. I want to have more agency in helping to heal, because I still feel the need to do more to help. I believe I am getting closer to taking the next steps in my life: towards moving to and supporting a kin's domain or eco-community.

I do not know which: while I love the feel of Anastasia's philosophy I also feel uneasy. Ringing Cedars is Not my Bible: it is a Very inspirational work that has guided me Among many others. I keep my mind and heart open to possibilities: as the world is learning, growing, and so are we.