Anyone Located in Quebec, Canada?

My wife and I live in Val-David, Quebec. I'd love to meet other readers up here!

Our town library (only 1 library, it's a town of 5k people), has the full set of Ringing Cedars books in French. I'm hoping I run into the person who put those there one day, haha. It seems this town has a lot of these types of people.


Re: Anyone Located in Quebec, Canada?

We'd love to meet up, Gabriel.

I know you're busy, and I know Telegram isn't as user friendly to communicate, but given I just saw this (I know it's an old posting, but I only registered today!), and we've been quite busy over the summer as well, but we'll be in Val-David more regularly again, starting in the fall and likely through the winter.

My wife, and I, and our two young kids, would love to meet you guys :)

Any time!