Greetings and Salutations!

Hello all! :) My name's Joseph, I go by that, Joe, or Joey. I'm from a small town in SE Georgia. In my 32 revolutions, I've experienced a lot, (I feel like I've led at least 4 full lives so far) and developed a personal understanding and relationship with Nature/God that I found very eloquently elucidated in the first Ringing Cedars book which I came across last year. When I found the material and this forum, I knew I had to sign up and interact here (I've been in a hermit phase for over a year, am just now coming out of the shell again and I feel that this is the correct place to do so) but haven't posted until now. I look forward to interacting with folks here and sharing thoughts and ideas about the nature of the reality within which we find ourselves. I am going to be continuing my journey with the Ringing Cedars books shortly and am excited for a place to discuss the material. My dreams for life include sailing the world's oceans in a small sailboat and to establish a kin domain wherever it is most appropriate for myself and the family that I hope to one day start. I've begun steps in that direction, but they're still small steps yet. The internet allowed me to meet the woman for whom my love is true nearly 7 years ago now and we've been building our relationship since, but we're separated by the Atlantic ocean. The physical separation I think has allowed us the space to truly develop our connection on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels and we're finally ready to close the physical gap soon and meet. Small steps become bigger steps. I want to thank you all for being here in this space and for the space itself. I've been long apart from social interactions but the time has come to reintegrate and I feel that this group holds dear many of the same values as I and that it will be worthwhile to engage.

With love and much respect,
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